Customer Spotlight: Seifer-Sama

Posted on 29 July 2015


Wig style and color: 1 Jareth in Yellow, Dyed using our FW Tutorial

Photo by Sparks Mcghee

This week we interviewed our customer, Seifer-sama! See more of her work via facebook!

Q:  When did you start cosplaying, and what got you started?
A: I started cosplaying in 2006 when a friend asked me to go to Anime Expo with her and a group of friends. I didn’t even know what cosplay was until I started looking into conventions. I knew I had to have some sort of costume for my first con, but I’d never made one before so I had it commissioned. After the con was over I thought maybe I should try and make own cosplay for the next convention. I’d never used a sewing machine before or styled a wig, so it was a huge learning experience from there and has been ever since. I taught myself to sew, read tons of tutorials, and tried as many techniques / materials as I could. I love to challenge myself and have always loved dressing up, so cosplay very quickly became my new addiction. 

Q:  What is your favorite part of the costume-making process?
A:  I really enjoy the research part of the costume-making process. I could research fabrics, techniques, and patterns all day. You just never know what you might find. For the actual construction part of the costume-making process I really enjoy hand-embroidery and painting armor. I find both relaxing, therapeutic even. After a long day I come home, put on a movie or show, and embroider / paint away.

Q:  Which costume are you most proud of?
A: Right now I’m tied between my oldest costume Twilight Princess Zelda and my newest costume Jak from Jak 2. Zelda was the first costume I made all on my own and I’ve put a lot of time and effort into her. Everything was a new experience, from the armor, to the embroidery, to the sewing, to the wig. As I learned and grew as a cosplayer, I went back and made improvements to the costume. I think the best part of this costume is looking back at where I started and then looking at where I am now. I feel like it shows my evolution as a cosplayer.

Jak, like Zelda, was a learning experience the entire way through. I’d never dyed a wig before, made a muscle suit, made ears that large before, or attempted a plushie as complex as Daxter. I spent a lot of time pouring over concept art and screenshots, read a ton of tutorials, and tried to make sure everything was as close to the character design as possible. There were a few moments there where I wondered if I could even pull this costume off, but I stuck with it and finally finished it this last Fanime. It wasn’t until I put it all on in the hotel room for the first time that I realized all those hours, struggles, and research were worth it. I’m so proud that I was able to challenge myself and push through it to make this costume.

Q:  Do you have a favorite Arda Wig style and/or color?
A: Apparently I cosplay a lot of blondes and a lot of red-heads because that always seems to be what I buy. My favorite wig colors would definitely have to be the Light Blonde (usually in Eowyn) and Apple Red (usually in Magnum). I wish I had more blue haired characters on my list because I love the Aqua color. For some of my upcoming projects I’d like to attempt some more advance spiking techniques with the Jareth wig and try out a lacefront wig!

Q:  What advice do you have for new cosplayers getting into the hobby?
My advice for new cosplayers:

Pick a character you love and would want to recreate, regardless of your skill, race, gender, or body shape.

Don’t let someone tell you who you can and can’t cosplay. Don’t let your lack of knowledge or skill in a specific area stop you. We all start at the bottom, and you never know unless you try. Cosplay is all about trial and error. When you start out you will make mistakes, so don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from it and then try again. If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most cosplayers are more than willing to offer help to anyone who asks. Do lots of research. As cosplay grows in popularity, more and more people make tutorials on how they created their cosplays / props. Utilize that! And most importantly, cosplay is for fun. Always keep that in mind and it will make sure your cosplay experience is always positive and rewarding.

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