Makeup of the Week – Kryolan PRO Shield Barrier Foam

Posted on 12 November 2015

Hello Arda Stylists! We are adding Makeup of the Week to our roster to help you to better understand some of the products in our makeup shop.

Kryolan PRO Shield Barrier Foam: 1.7oz (50ml) – $9.95


This week’s Makeup of the Week is the Kryolan PRO Shield Barrer Foam. We get a lot of questions asking about what to do if you have sensitive skin, and this product is perfect for those of you with allergies and/or sensitivity.

Apply this product before applying any prosthetics or Special FX products such as collodion. If you have a particular sensitivity to adhesives such as spirit gum, this will alleviate irritation to the skin caused by the resin in spirit gum. Of course, if you are allergic to spirit gum, might we recommend our Silicone Adhesive or Prosthetic Adhesive instead.

The foam comes out very similar to a mousse. Shake well, and, pointing the can upside down, apply no more than a ping pong-sized amount onto the palm of your hand. Work the product into your hands. The foam will feel a little creamy because of its skin caring ingredients such as aloe and almond oil. Apply the foam onto CLEAN DRY skin and allow a few minutes to soak in or dry before proceeding with adhesives or FX products. Skin should feel soft to the touch, and the foam goes on clear!

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