How to use our Wig Grips!

Posted on 14 April 2017

Wig grips can be used to more comfortably secure your wig! Feel the velvet to determine which side should be facing up. You'll want the surged edge in the back, with the grain of the velvet going forward on top.

If you have long or thick hair, wear a wig cap or pin your hair up first. secure the wig grip around your hairline, fastening the velcro in the back.

Put on your wig, making sure to cover the wig grip. For specialty wigs like our Jeannie, we still used the included combs attached to the front, and one bobby pin behind each ear to cover the wig grip. The number of pins needed might vary depending on head size or style used. 

It's that simple! Without the wig grip, we would have likely needed a lot more pins to keep such a back-heavy style in place. Our model Lindsay also has shaved sides, so the wig grip allows her to wear the Jeannie without prosthetic adhesives.

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