Kyle WWWIP Week 5

Posted on 12 January 2018

Hello and welcome! This week I am going to share some basic leather sewing tips for gloves. This tutorial will assume that you already know the how to sew a pair of gloves out of other fabrics, and will largely cover specific differences for using leather.
To make gloves out of leather, I recommend the following:
- A sewing machine with a leather sewing setting, or at least enough power to punch through the material. If you do not have access to the right kind of sewing machine, you can alternatively purchase a leather needle or sewing awl for cheap.
- A leather specific needle for your sewing machine
- Strong durable thread
Email if you have any questions regarding leather, sewing, or cosplay in general. Don't forget to visit the Arda Wigs Facebook page every Thursday evening from 6-8 p.m. CST for more cosplay tips and tricks and to pick up our weekly discount code! Thanks for tuning in and happy crafting!!

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