Kyle WWWIP Week 7

Posted on 07 February 2018

Hello everyone. Kyle here with my week 7 progress.

This week I managed to accomplish quite a lot! I began by sewing the archer's glove together by hand using an Awl. The heavier thread really gives it a nice look.
I patterned out the belt pouches and also created stencils for the appliqué designs on the sash and pant legs.
After creating the designs, I went ahead and appliquéd the sash details on and attached the lining to finish it out. The pants still need to be taken in a bit, so I taped the design stencils in place for now to get a better idea of how they will fit after modifications.
In addition to my progress, I have also created a quick video tutorial!  
Want to be an edge lord? Bias Tape and French Seams can help you finish your edges without the need for a lining.

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