Kyle WWWIP Week 8

Posted on 07 February 2018

Hello everyone!  Kyle here with a week 8 progress update.
This week was largely focused on the leather belts, pouches and shoulder armor for Link. I spent the first day experimenting with Angelus paint to get the muted yellow color on the belts, as well as the brighter yellows and greens of the shoulders. 
My second day was spent tooling the belts to add dimension to the different colored areas. Normally you would want to tool before coloring your leather because the hammering can expose undyed parts. I had to go back and color those areas after tooling, but fortunately, the end result was still satisfactory.
For the final day of my week, I cut bottom layers out for the belts, contact cemented them to the tooled layers, and then burnished the edges. You can watch a short video of that process here:

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