Malinda WWWIP Week 8

Posted on 01 February 2018

Malinda here with week 8 progress!

First order of business: my Sheikah slate arrived from PixelBashProps! I also got my LEDs and a soldering kit, which I’ll attempt to figure out this weekend. It’s a lot heavier than expected so it might need some extra gutting or rigging work, but the detail pieces were already cut which is super nice!

Most of my week was spent finishing the arm wraps, which completes the sewing for this costume! Since it had a long and repetitive pattern, I was able to trace around a small template I created to speed things up. My hands hurt a bit from cutting it all out, but the result was worth the extra work.


Once stitched, I sewed a second layer of fabric and turned them inside out to create long tubes. I Ironed them before wrapping and pinning in place. I decided to sew them together, so I could easily slip them on and off rather than wrapping with each wear. To do this, they needed to be loose enough around the wrist to slide my hands through.


I used a slip stitch around the edges, which is like a hidden stitch. This process involves sliding the needle under the fabric on one side, and where the exit point is will be where the entry point is on the opposite side.

I can’t believe Katsu is only 2 weeks away. Wish me luck!

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