Master Crafter Erin WWWIP Week 3: Erika's Coat

Posted on 08 February 2018

Hey there friendos, it’s Erin again with week 3 of progress! This is a week that probably won’t look like I got much done, but in the beginning of a big project that happens sometimes. So let me break it down!

First off, I started working on Eirika’s jacket. It’s one of the most prominent pieces of the costume, and since Eirika is a princess, I want it to look very rich and lush. So first off, I went to JoAnn and picked up some very beautiful sueded upholstery fabric that I think will give a lovely texture to the jacket. However, since I need to alter the pattern I bought, I will absolutely be doing a mockup in junk fabric first! Below is an image of the fabric I picked--the sueded texture is subtle, but it will give the costume depth and it has a really nice weight to it.

I also started researching what kind of edging and trim I’d like since her jacket has a lot of it, and it’s very likely I’ll need to allow for a long shipping time. I found Etsy’s list feature to be really useful for this--I’m not sure how much I need or how wide I want yet since I’m still working on my mockup, but having a visual reference to trims I liked all collected in one place is so helpful.



And, most of all, I continued to sculpt on my hip plates! I want these plates to be very dimensional, so I have been sculpting in stages where different details overlap. By putting in an hour or so a night, I can build up each layer and let the clay cure before I go in over the top again, ensuring I don’t accidentally squash the last portion I sculpted. I’m very close to finished with the hip piece and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I reproduce it in plastic!



Over the weekend I plan to finish the hip plates, work on my jacket mockup, and hopefully start on more armor. Stay tuned, friends!

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