WWWIP MC Erin Week 6

Posted on 08 February 2018

Hey friendos, it’s Erin from the Foam Corps back to report in on sewing!



I mentioned before that my plan was to start out with Burda pattern 7140--it isn’t identical to Eirika’s coat, but the front seams are nearly perfect and it won’t require a ton of alterations. The collar needs to be a bit higher, the peplum a bit longer, and instead of normal fitted long sleeves, Eirika has short puff sleeves. I am starting with a mockup in scrap fabric to make sure everything comes together well and to test the alterations before cutting into the super lush upholstery fabric I bought to make the actual jacket.



So far this part isn’t necessarily the most visually exciting portion considering it’s a commercial pattern in scrap fabric… but making a mockup is so critically helpful when it comes to garments like this, I think it’s necessary. I so frequently find that my measurements are not standard for patterns, so without alterations, it sometimes fits so poorly! Hopefully this mockup will mitigate this.



As I get my mockup together, I should hopefully be able to start sizing out the various trims and buttons I actually need for the jacket, so stay tuned!

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