WWWIP Week: 10 Master Crafter Crimsyn

Posted on 12 February 2018

 Detail Week Write Up


This is the last week before Katsucon! So, I needed to finish all the final details before the convention. That means it needs to be wearable, all of the under structures hidden, and everything!



Part One:

The first thing I did was create the scarf with the orangish fabric that I dyed. I flattened the scarf with Muslin so it would hold folds better and not unravel. I also gathered the edges of the scarf to create more volume in the folds with a Velcro attachment in the back. Once the basic structure was put together, I started hacking at it with scissors to create a more tattered look. Lastly, I secured the edges of the burlap with fray-check.



Part Two:

To add more detail to the shirt-dress, I went in with different colored burlaps and hand-stitched them onto the garment. I used a thick embroidery floss so the stitches could be more visible from further away. I also cut and tattered the end of the garment to match the scarf as well. Additionally, I even tattered the petticoat that is worn underneath to create a better transition over the legs.



Part Three:

I was getting so excited about my costume, I had to try it on again just to take some pictures and double check everything was working. I even got my friend to photoshop my legs and arms out to check the proportions of the illusion I was trying to portray. I was pretty happy with how everything was fitting - I made some small alterations here and there to make things more comfortable and mobile - but overall I think it’s definitely in shape to be worn for 8 hours!
These pictures did help me note what extra details and things that needed to be added to hide the understructure or silly things I didn’t want to be seen.



Part Four:

One thing I noticed when comparing my reference images to my second costume test was that I forgot some of the stitching on the headpiece. However, my headpiece is mainly made of Thibra, so I actually had to hammer the needle into the headpiece for each stitch. Not ideal, but it worked how I needed it to!

I think the more stitching I add throughout the costume, the more cohesive it will look in the end. Maybe if I have enough time the night before the convention, I can just hand-stitch myself to sleep for that extra detail.

Part Five:

Another thing I did notice was the Thibra showing on the shoulder pads. I don’t think I added enough extra material in the shoulder pattern of the shirt-dress. So, I ended up covering the tops of the shoulders with the same burlap green fabric that I dyed for the shirt-dress. Hopefully this will blend and look a bit cleaner in the pictures!

Final Details:

I am pretty much completely done with the costume! I may add some more minor details just for my own enjoyment, but I am super excited to have completed this project with Arda Wigs! I cannot wait to see everyone at Katsucon and take pictures with everyone. I’m looking forward to the WWWIP Meetup and talking to everyone about their costumes! :)

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