WWWIP Week 5 MC Erin: Erika's Jacket pt. 2

Posted on 08 February 2018

Hey friends! It’s Erin back at it in week 5. Hope you’re all cruising along too!

I have never embroidered on a costume before, but I thought the look would be really excellent for Eirika’s jacket. Of course I wanted to test out my plan first, so I cut a scrap of the actual fabric I plan to use. I’ve seen other cosplayers stitch over craft foam designs to give the embroidery dimension, and when I tried out my little sample, it worked great!

This method was quick, easy, and I really like the look. So I am moving forward with it; I plan to get a better gold color of thread but otherwise I feel pretty confident about this!

I also finished up the gauntlets. Last week I showed some patterning progress and shaping, here is one finished versus one in progress.

The clear tray in the upper left corner is intended to push clay through to make shaped beads, but with a little vaseline, it also makes a wonderful Worbla shaping tool! I love the dimensionality of squared borders and this tool makes it so much faster.

I finished the details on gauntlet #2, then the finishing touch was to dremel down the edges. Here is a picture to show how much cleaner the piece looks when you clean up the irregularities, I think it makes a huge difference!

Both gauntlets are now done, so I will be starting up with the breastplate soon! Woohoo!! Until next time, happy crafting!

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