WWWIP Week 7 MC Erin

Posted on 08 February 2018

I got the initial tip for the mold I’m using from fellow Master Craftsman Jess--it’s intended to be a cake pan! I absolutely love it for domed pieces like molded breastplate cups or knees, and because it’s aluminum, it holds heat really well. So I started the knee process by making 2 double-layered Worbla sheets and forming them over my cake pan.

Once I had my domes shaped well, I put painter’s tape over the sphere, then drew out half of the shape I wanted. I used an X-acto knife to cut around the borders of the tape, threw away the excess, and then I was able to peel up the remaining shape and flip it over to be sure my knee plates were symmetrical.


Then it was simply a matter of scoring around the edges of my knee shape and using a combination of tin snips, scissors, utility knife, and Dremel to get the curves smoothed out and nice how I wanted them.

Stay tuned next time as I continue the armor down the legs and start troubleshooting attachment points!

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