$100.00 USD + shipping

All of our premium lace wigs have a naturally wider span of lace up front and on the sides, for maximum seamless styling! As always, all of our wigs are heat-resistant and thick enough to meet your every need. They also have our signature large cap that measures in at 22.5"-23" unstretched. 

The Ali is 100% dip-dyed Arda Classic fibers, so you can style with heat tools up to 420° F. This style also has a widow's peak with a small circular skin top behind it. The skin top has a 2" diameter.

Length: 22" from crown area to bottom length (26" when pulled straight) 
Lacefront width: 1.75" at widest point 
Density: 150% 
The top of this wig's color is a dipped black that isn't as dark as CL-078, with the pink and orange tones being closest to our Serah Pink (CL-013) and Peach (CL-062).