• Black Worbla - Quarter sheet - 29.5"x19.5"

Black Worbla - Quarter sheet - 29.5"x19.5"

$22.00 USD + shipping

Worbla’s Black Art is a thermoplastic that softens at 90°C (195°F) into a moldable material. It is also self-adhesive, so pieces stick together, and has the potential for no waste since all scraps can be reused! Anything you can make with Worbla you can make with Worbla Black – except Worbla Black is smoother, so less priming and sanding before you paint. It can also take much finer detail for all you sculptors out there. It is also made of entirely of plastic - no filler!

Worbla Black has more strength, especially when stretched over complex curves, is less tacky, but it is still 100% recyclable.

Sold in four sizes to meet any cosplay need - please be sure to choose the right size for your project! (Note: some edges of each piece may be slightly perforated due to the cutting process.)

Quarter sheet - 29.5"x19.5"