• Lace square Raven (FRONT)
  • Lace-square Raven (MEASURE)
  • Lace square Raven (SIDE)

Lace Square

$34.00 USD + shipping

A great option for sideburns, beards, mustaches, editing or adding hairlines, and eyebrows. We've tried to make the large option as affordable as possible by giving a discount for purchasing the larger surface area! That way you can use one piece to make multiple items.

  • Small lace squares measure 3'' by 2'' for 6 square inches of lace and large lace squares measure 6'' by 3'' for 18 square inches of lace. The large lace squares represent almost triple the amount of surface area as you would find in one of our lace wigs. That's a lot of hand-tied hair!
  • New, softer, less irritating lace, perfect for use on the face.
  • Hair length on both measures 13.5''.