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Craft your own curls with our selection of rollers!

The best method to curl heat-resistant wigs is to allow the hair to cool while on rollers. Heat up sections with a flat iron and quickly wrap around a roller before it cools, or use a steamer after the rollers are secured, or roll and dip in boiling water and allow to cool and dry before unrolling.

Diane Foam Rollers
Foam rollers provide friction to grab the hair without altering the hair's texture. Because they are so squishy, your curls will turn out much smaller than the roller unless you roll the hair very loosely. Pink, 10 rollers per pack of 1'' rollers and 8 rollers per pack of 1 1/4'' rollers.

Diane Magnetic Roller Set 144 ct
Magnetic rollers aren't actual magnets, but wet hair will stick to them more easily! The roller is more smooth and has ventilation holes for air flow, and the rollers are more rigid for more dependable sizing of curls. Set comes with 144 rollers of all kinds of diameters!

Diane Mesh and Wire Rollers
Mesh rollers allow more air flow, which can make the steaming or cooling process much faster. These rollers are a happy medium between the squish of the foam rollers and the rigidity of the magnetic rollers, and feature a steel wire through the middle. 8 rollers per pack of 1 1/2'' lavender rollers.